1 - General conditions
1.1 - Refunds for VPSes and Minecraft Servers are only available within the first 24 hours immediately after your order activation and aren't possible to apply on renewals. While on Dedicated Servers are available only within the first 2 days immediately after your order, also, it's not applicable on renewals; PayPal chargebacks will be denied according to this refund policy, plus it could cause a permanent lock of your account and we may give the case to our credit recovery agency.
1.2 - It's ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to use illegal content into our services.
1.3 - Abuse of CPU usage will result in a suspension of your service, since that's shared within virtual servers, be aware that you have neighbors! Respect each other.
1.4 - Please be aware that your account credit ISN'T REFUNDABLE IN ANY WAY.
1.5 - Support tickets will be answered within 24 hours as well as support emails, while answering time in livechat and telegram isn't predictable.
1.6 - You'll receive full root access to both our Dedicated-Servers and VPS services as well as a control panel, be also aware that the CP isn't always available on dedicated-servers due to incompatibility of the motherboard (to install the iLO Manager). Also, you can't do reinstall by yourself on both dedis and VPSes (we are working hard to implement this feature as soon as possible).
1.7 - You can pay using PaySafeCard by contacting our staff via Ticket, we will add funds to your credit and you'll be then able to buy from us!
1.8 - We can update this TOS at any given time, you as a client must stay updated (we will notify you whenever some critical changes will be made).
1.9 - Services are activated within the 24 hours next to your confirmed payment.
1.10 - The refund policy isn't applicable neither on Dedicated or VPS plans if it's a renewal operation.
1.11 - Windows Server operating systems on VPSes will have a trial license period of 180 days, within those or after you are able to buy a license from us, if you will not have a valid windows license within that timespan your server will be re-installed at the end.
1.12 - Opening of a PayPal cashback will result in a limitation of your account, plus, you will not be able to ask a refund anymore on that service.
1.13 - Immediate cancellation requests will be handled as soon as our operators see them and they do not give you any refund (please contact support for that), if you still want to have your service, please IMMEDIATELY open a ticket (or answer to us if there are any).
1.14 - Refunds on Credit Cards, PaySafeCard and Skrill aren't available.
1.15 - DDoS Protection is full UDP/TCP only on VPS Professional plans, while on VPS Standard it's just on TCP, UDP will be totally blocked out during attacks.
1.16 - Our agents are allowed to ask you an identity validation process if your registration details are incorrect or not valid, this also allows us to suspend your account from further orders and terminate your current services if the validation process isn't completed by the client.

- Our Privacy Policy -
We will never send data you submitted to us during registration to other companies. We care a lot about our users privacy and our operators can't log into your servers without your explicit authorization. Plus, we NEVER ASK for your server login details, but if we should do so, that will be done only by our principal communicating channels (Telegram/Email/Tickets). Please be also aware that reinstall requests have to be made through your client area and that it MAY CAUSE DATA LOSS on all disks.